Structural Integration Immersion

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Program Information

This 3-part course presents an integrative whole body system for understanding how the body, as a tensegrity system, balances any one misalignment with an integrated pattern of global misalignment. These global responses are in actuality more like functions of the line that affect every joint of the body in predictable ways like inflection points. Segments of the body primarily move in the three primary planes and so do asymmetries.

These predictable patterns can be assessed by palpation, observation and quantitative analysis. These patterns can also be systematically reduced, reversed or resolved so that there is a more systemic adaptability of the entire structure with a greater systemic coherency. Typically, the pattern on the right side of the body is opposing the left side, the top girdle is opposing the bottom, and the front of the body is opposing the back to keep the body in asymmetric equipoise. The task in structural integration is to reduce counter rotations of the entire structure in all planes to bring opposing structures toward the natural alignment of the whole: a synergistic reduction and reversal of the asymmetrical function of the line.

The completion of this course will prepare Structural Integrators and accredited bodyworkers to view the human body as a complete and coherent system that is dependent on natural alignment for coherency of bodily systems. Viewing the body this way, coupled with the assessing and addressing protocols and algorithms of the adaptive alignment model, will enable practitioners to achieve resolution toward natural alignment for optimal structure, function, health, and quality of life of the human body.

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Friday 5pm - 9pm
Saturday 8am - 5pm
Sunday 8am - 5pm

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Massage therapy students must be TRI 2 or above to attend


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