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3D Functional Movement Analysis
Instructor: Ryan Comeau, DC
An Investigation of Segmental Neurophysiology
Instructor: Tim Lothe Raven, BAppSc (Chiro)
Are you a POLITE Practitioner?
Instructor: Jeffrey Tucker, DC
Become Physically FIT With Fascial Stretch
Instructor: Joshua Kollmann, DC
Chiropractic: A Safer Strategy than Opioids
Instructor: Sherry McAllister
Clinical Breakthroughs and Treatments of Concussions
Instructor: Robert G. Silverman, DC
Crying, Colic, Confusion, Catastrophe
Instructor: Lora Tanis, DC
Document the Way the Auditor Wants You to
Instructor: Evan Gwilliam, DC
FIT-HACKS for Practice
Instructor: Kyl Smith, DC
Philosophy 101
Instructor: Phyllis Frase-Charrette
Surviving the Golf Swing
Instructor: Greg Rose, DC
The Casual Contender: Imaging of Overhead Mechanics
Instructor: Tracey Littrell, DC, DACBR

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